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Calm Lion coach and client agreement



The Service Provided


Recovery coaches introduced to you by Calm Lion work with you to help you find your own solutions and discover your own truths. We empower you by providing you with the skills needed for your journey in creating a life of meaning and purpose, and to overcome life’s challenges to achieve your goals.

Recovery Coaching which is rooted in a ‘wellness’ model of working with others (the journey to recover the best version of ourselves). Recovery coaching is based in the reality of the client’s resources and the coach assists them to build on the natural resources that we all have so we can decide for ourselves how to manage our own lives, cope with difficulties and develop our futures.

A recovery coaching relationship is a conscious designed partnership between coach and client that actively and practically pursues the client’s vision and goals for their life. Based in the reality of the client’s resources and skills the coach assists them in developing further life and recovery resources.

It helps people in recovery from a wide variety of life experiences and challenges including but not limited to stress, burnout, relationship and parenting challenges, self sabotaging and other harmful behaviors, and substance use disorders (addiction).


What Calm Lion Recovery Coaching is not


Calm Lion recovery coaching is not a substitute (replacement) for therapy, counseling, substance use disorder treatment or medical or mental health care. It is not a substitute for professionals such as therapists, social workers, counselors, doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists. We are not a crisis, or mental illness support service. If you or someone you know is in crisis or in danger, please do not use this site but seek help from emergency service providers. Click here for some useful resources.


Initial contact and subsequent sessions


The first session is an opportunity for us to meet and ascertain whether we will work together and the nature of the coaching sessions. We suggest a weekly to fortnightly commitment of no more than 6 sessions after which time clients are encouraged to integrate the  learning into their life’s, possibly with complementary programs such as group integration sessions and related strategies.


After a period of integration, clients may wish to reengage with coaching for subsequent 6 sessions of coaching. We do not encourage long term uninterrupted coaching sessions as the intent of recovery coaching is the development of skills and resources in clients and their personal empowerment and growth.


Location of coaching - online


Coaching is provided to clients via online third party videoconferencing software especially zoom. Zoom is an easy to use platform creating a safe virtual room for the coaching session. Security is provided by this third party provider. If internet speed is an issue, then coaching may be offered by a phone call by an alternate application. If after attempting a few alternatives but the online meeting is not of sufficient level of quality, then both parties can choose to reschedule the session.


Coaches: Relationship, indemnity and qualifications


Coaches that you are connected to by Calm Lion ARE NOT employees of Calm Lion but independent contractors. All coaches available through Calm Lion have completed certification as Professional Recovery Coaches with the Ubuntu Addiction Community Trust (UACT), a coaching certification recognised by the International Register of Coaches (ICR). Coaches have extensive experience in the recovery field.


Recovery coaching occurs in the wellness space and is not regulated by a formal body.

As such it is not a requirement that Calm Lion coaches have professional indemnity to provide coaching and be registered as a Calm Lion coach.


As such you are required to independently assess the coach you are connected with to determine whether they are appropriate to your needs.




Coaches are committed both personally and professionally to confidentiality and respect your right to privacy. The limits to this are if coaches determine there is a mandatory reporting issue raised in the consultation and are required to report information by the law of the jurisdiction where they are based. Calm Lion coaches are required to maintain continuous professional development and engage with supervision. As such, for quality and improvement purposes, coaches may discuss details of your case with a supervising professional. This person is also limited by professional confidentiality.


Calm Lion collects de-identified data to monitor the effectiveness of coaching sessions and receive feedback on coaches. This de-identified data may be used for audit purposes and publication of outcomes of coaching services provided.


Documentation on coaching sessions are not kept unless needed by the coach for purposes of improving the service being delivered. If kept these will be stored in a secure password protected environment.


Coaching boundaries


Calm Lion coaches will provide their time and expertise and best efforts to support you for an agreed paid coaching session. The timing and time frame is negotiated beforehand. It can only be varied with the express agreement of both parties. Between sessions there may be other forms of contact such as text or email and these are to organize appointment details, not for coaching unless agreed to be coach and client and these will be billed pro rata. Calm Lion coaches do not conduct personal conversations of any type by email or text. If something comes up, you can always request a session. Please do not discuss personal or coaching matters over email as there is the risk of miscommunication.


Session length


Sessions are usually 50-60 minutes in duration.


Fees and Payment


Coaching sessions must be paid in full before commencement.


Attendance and cancellation


24 hours notice for changes or cancellation is required or the session will be charge in full, excepting in cases of emergency. Sessions will end at the agreed time,  even if you are late to start. If a coach is late for a session the session will extend by that much time or if this cannot be done then that time will be provided in credit. On the rare occasion that a Calm Lion coach misses a session with less than 24 hours notice, then an alternative session will be provided to you by that coach at no charge to you.




Both coach and client can terminate coaching at their discretion.

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