Our Coaching and Training Team

Dr. Buddhi Lokuge

Buddhi is the co-founder of CalmLion and an addiction medicine specialist doctor and a certified addiction recovery coach. He is an Addiction Medicine and Public Health Medicine Fellow with the Royal Australian College of Physicians, and a certified recovery coach with Ubuntu Addiction Community Trust (U-ACT) and the International Coaches Register. He is Clinical and Harm Reduction Director of U-ACT, an international non-profit involved in addiction recovery and rehabilitation work across the globe including in South Africa, Australia, the US, Singapore and the UK.


Buddhi's coaching draws on his personal struggles, as well as his experience in medicine, recovery coaching and trauma healing, as well as a body of alternative treatment modalities including meditation, use of plant medicines, family constellations healing, and membership of the group Mankind Project. He brings this wealth of experience and learning to help clients on their own journey to recovery and towards wellness and living healthy, content lives.

Buddhi has a Medical Degree from the University of Sydney, a Masters of Public Health from Harvard University and has a PhD from the Australian National University. He has worked as a volunteer in Afghanistan, Africa and India with the humanitarian organisation Medicins Sans Frontier (MSF)/ Doctors Without Borders. Buddhi is author of “A Doctors Dream” published by Allen & Unwin, co-creator of the ABC TV show BlackAs. After work he can be found with his kids, his guitar or doing (mostly average) standup comedy in Newcastle.

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David Collins


David Collins is co-founder of Calm Lion and developer of the Ubuntu Academy of Coaching Training (U-ACT) Recovery Coaching methodology. He is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (Coaches Training Institute, USA), an internationally accredited Master Coach (IMCSA - Institute of Management Consulting & Master Coaches South Africa). As a result of the stigma, judgments, shaming and harm he saw when seeking help for his own addictions, in 2001 David established the Foundation Clinic for addiction recovery in Johannesburg, and the U-ACT school of recovery coaches.


Close to a thousand coaches have undertaken U-ACT professional recovery training throughout the world including in South Africa, US, UK, Singapore and Australia. David is a National Director and a certified leader of the Mankind Project in South Africa, supporting men's personal growth and transformation. David holds a Certificate in Drugs, Drug Use, Drug Policy & Health from the University of Geneva, is a member of the International Coaching Federation and is the National Director of the Mankind Project in South Africa. He is a specialist coach, facilitator and consultant with an extensive background in the addiction and financial sector.

Leigh-Anne Brierley

As a professional coach, manager and facilitator, Leigh-Anne is constantly working towards aiding people in empowering themselves to achieve their goals and develop lives filled with authenticity and purpose.  She is passionate about adult education, learning and facilitation as a process by which to improve engagement, productivity and contribution though developing a practical set of skills and tools, building strong accountability and assisting individuals and teams to work towards the full level of their personal and professional potential.

Leigh-Anne has been awarded her Master Coach accreditation with the Institute of Master Coaches and Management Consultants SA (IMCSA).  She is internationally accredited with the International Coach Register (ICR) and is under regular coach supervision as part of her ongoing professional development.  Leigh-Anne runs her own business, Be the Change Coaching and collaborates with U-ACT and Calm Lion in the Recovery and Wellness Coach training space, where she is a coach, and facilitator and coordinator.


The focus of her work is recovery and life and wellness coaching using the systemic coaching model which is aimed at helping families, groups, organisations and communities to create wellness by addressing diversity, transformation, equality and growth.

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Attie Van Buuren


A highly experienced coach with more than 500 hours of coaching clients behind him. He is passionate about helping others identify and implement their own solutions by harnessing a greater power. His interactive skills and ability to channel individual crisis into pragmatic, but profoundly meaningful action makes him uniquely equipped to help clients integrate all facets of their lives into a coherent, purpose-driven direction. His background in the corporate world – which included stints in the sub-continent – also gives him specialized knowledge of cultural diversity within the coaching context and enables him to connect quickly with students and clients on a wide spectrum of levels.


He spent several years as an in- house coach at the Foundation Clinic and is still intensely involved in its activities, both as a group facilitator and trainer. Married with three children, he remains deeply committed to the foundation, its values and ideals due to his belief that the cure to addiction lies not in the external trappings of our lives, but within us. “Each individual is his or her own solution. Clean the cup inside and it will overflow with joy into everything outside it.”