Calm Lion & the International Coaches Register
Certification as a Professional Recovery Wellness Coach

Requirements for Calm Lion certification

  1. Complete a 40-hour Calm Lion Professional Recovery Coaching online training

  2. 60 hours of Practical Coaching (see section below for details) after completion of training. Maintain logbook of hours.

  3. 4 – 6 Session Case Study: A case study done on one of your coaching clients.
    o The Case Study document will act as a guide as to what to look for and reflect on within in Case Study. This is to act as a teaching process in what is useful to focus our attention on in future sessions.

  4. 2 Recorded Coaching Sessions: Two 10 – 15 minutes recorded sessions, submitted via a could based drive (G-Drive, Dropbox) or via email for evaluation.
    o These recorded sessions are an opportunity for the assessment team to give feedback & recommendations in preparation for the final LIVE assessment.

  5.  Personal development reflection: A short write up of your personal learning experience.
    o This is an opportunity to reflect on the training, practical coaching and your experiences as a coach. These reflections are invaluable with regards to planning further professional development activities.

  6. Written Examination: An online, open-book examination.
    o The exam will test your understanding & application of the theoretical aspects of the training.

  7. Practical Coaching Live Assessment: A 15-20 minute live coaching session in front of a panel.
    o This element of the assessment is included so that the coach can be accessed live and is also an opportunity to get hot feedback on the coaching session. Students must be awarded a pass to qualify for certification.

  8. Post-assessment Interview: A short interview and feedback session following your live coaching assessment.


A case study template, recorded and live assessment forms, and a log of hours template will be provided.

Practical Coaching hours & requirements:
• 40 - 50 hours of coaching
• 10 - 20 hours of being coached
• This must make up a total of 60 hours of practical coaching.
• These sessions can be conducted live or via Skype, Face Time or other online mediums

It is recommended that you begin your practical coaching hours working with peers and fellow coaches to start developing your confidence and personal coaching style. Workplace is an excellent platform to connect with other coaches, both training and certified. There are also groups and live calls that you can attend on Workplace to deepen your knowledge and learning, and gain the required skills for your assessment and certification. It is not necessary in the early stages of your practical work to engage with individuals who are focused on developing their recovery. Once you are feeling more confident and self-assured, with an understanding of the coaching process, it is recommenced that you look to support those developing and growing in their recovery process.

The training which is combination of self-study through our Teachable platform and live weekly integration and training calls, is developed to ensure that you as a coach are skilled and trained to support individuals, couples, families, groups and others in developing a strong, sustainable recovery.


You will develop the following core competencies, which will be assessed in the certification process:

  • Understanding and applying the Recovery Coaching framework

  • Knowing and using the ethical standards of practice of Calm Lion Recovery and Wellness Coaching practice

  • Understanding and application of tools, methods and practices

  • Developing strong questioning and listening skills

  • Client-centred  coaching and presence

  • Communicating effectively and building rapport


Continuing to engage with the Calm Lion/U-ACT coaching community to continue to learn and grow on your own journey in recovery wellness, and as a coach (not required for certification but essential to be the best coach you can be)

After completion of the above requirements you will be certified as a Calm Lion Professional Recovery and Wellness Coach.

Additional requirements for certification with the International Coaches Register (ICR)


NB. Certification with this international register is the responsibility of the coach. ICR is an independent entity to Calm Lion.

Associate level coaching registration

1.Proof of a completed accredited basic course coaching. This certification will be provided by Calm Lion at the completion of all the above requirements for Professional Recovery Wellness Coaching (Calm Lion’s curriculum developed by David Collins is recognized by ICR for certification).

  1. Full Curriculum Vitae.

  2. Proof of your company registration (copy document) 

    1. ​​​Or if you don't have a company, an employer statement in which the employer states you are employed as coach.

    2. Or a personal statement in which you state you don't have a company and you work for your own risk & account.

  3. Proof of your general education 

    1. Forward diploma's, certificates or similar that proofs you did complete higher or academic education

    2. A personal statement in which you explain and proof you have a similar knowledge and experience level.

  4. Two letters of recommendation.(The letter must support your application. Anyone can recommend except family members and employers)

  5. Proof of no criminal record over the last 5 years

    1. Qualifying documents are:

      1. letter of good conduct issued by a national or local authority

      2. a police clearance

      3. a no-objection letter issued by an official solicitor, notary or accountant OR any equal document)

Full ICR coaching registration

All above listed documents required for the associate status, as well as the following:

  1. Two letters of reference issued by clients.

    1. The letter must support your application.

    2. It is allowed to combine the letters of reference and/or the letters of recommendation.

    3. Please note that family members and employers are excluded.

  2. Proof of sufficient experience

    1. Minimum: 2 years of scope related experience and at least 15 ICR client assignments completed.

    2. You issue a personal declaration in which you state you comply with the before mentioned criteria and how we can audit the numbers.

    3. A random audit might be executed.

  3. Proof of your professional liability insurance policy.

    1. Important: All jurisdictions that require indemnity to work as a recovery and wellness coach.