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Become a Professional Recovery Wellness Coach

Professional Recovery Wellness Coaching

Train as a Professional Recovery and Wellness coach with Calm Lion, in partnership with U-ACT. Bring your inner coach and mentor to life. Support clients family, friends, partners and children identify and reframe self-limiting beliefs that sustain harmful behaviours and cause suffering. This transformative in-person and online training helps professionals and carers better support their clients, and in doing so help themselves.


The tools gained in the training help coaches deepens connection with clients to help them find their wisdom, recovery capital and solutions. It is a valuable skill set especially for those working in the recovery, wellness, health, healing and personal growth space. It is designed for practitioners in the addiction recovery, birthing and end of life coaches, yoga practitioners, nurses, midwifes, doctors and parents.

See below for:

  1. Professional Recovery Wellness Coaching (PRWC) Training including curriculum and certification detail.

  2. Our Introductory coaching workshop and weekly support calls (a taster of PRWC training).

Calm Lion coaching training is certified and accredited by the International Coaches Register

Certificate in Professional Recovery Wellness Coaching

Full training and certification:

This is our flagship training to launch you on a personal and professional career supporting others on a journey of self growth and recovery of our infinite potential.

The training involves the equivalent of  40 hours of theoretical training through our online platform at Teachable. There are weekly integration and support calls on Zoom to deepen and anchor the  course work and connect with your facilitators and other coaches in a "live" setting.

Following this there is a pathway to certification involving client coaching hours, supervision by a master coach, written assessments and observed coaching assessments. Following that there is the opportunity to join an international community of coaches for ongoing professional development, supervision and support of peers.  

Moon Gazing

Master coach David Collins with U-ACT and Calm Lion has trained more than 1000 Professional Recovery Wellness coaches around the world. We look forward to you joining us on this journey.

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