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Calm Lion Individual Coaching

Moments of personal transformation

Every person, every time

We empower you to find your own path out of deep, sometimes lifelong destructive habits. By helping you discovering the beliefs and unmet needs behind a habitual behaviour, Calm Lion coaches help you set yourself free. You are the experts and Calm Lion coaches walk with you on the journey encouraging and helping draw out your truth and solutions. In doing so you make lasting change. 

Calm Lion sessions are based on a model of recovery coaching we developed that draws on the best of neuroscience, trauma focused care, developmental psychology and Eastern modalities for healing and self mastery. Calm Lion and its sister organisation U-ACT have helped thousands of people around the world heal destructive addictions.

We only recommend booking 5- 6 sessions at a time and then provide online recovery resources and Calm Lion online facilitated groups to integrate changes begun in coaching. The Calm Lion model is not to create another dependency on an expert, but is to help you find your path to freedom.

Recovery and Wellness Coaching Services

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, are impacted by Covid19 financially, or are a Covid19 frontline worker, we have a limited number of low cost sessions.  Please contact us if you would like to book one of these sessions. 

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