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Leadership Coaching Training

(This $2000 training is being offered in April 2020 at discounted price for our early adopters as it will be a test run)

With master coach

David Collins

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


Leaders use coaching as a skills set to influence culture within the workplace enviroment. Join this 4 day webinar to learn the basics and skills to start your career as a business coach.


Our four-day intensive Business Executive and Leadership Coaching course equips students with the tools they need to enter any business environment, identify the fault lines in its power hierarchy and communication channels, and help the executive (client) get to grips with his/her role in the organisation. The course includes a preliminary, intensive exploration of what coaching means (as opposed to mentoring, counselling or therapy). It then covers three stages of coaching.


How to initiate and conduct a coaching conversation with a client by establishing a container (a space in which both coach and client feel comfortable and able to be emotionally authentic), agreeing on the agenda and duration of the session, and then using powerful, open-ended, pertinent questions to help the client identify and articulate their problem/s and find their own answers to these. In order to do this, students are taught intensive, third-level listening skills (hearing what is not said by the client, reading body language, etc). Students also learn how to get the client to commit to practical steps they can take towards resolving the problem, and accepting accountability for doing so.


THE CONTINUUM: How to gauge a client’s progress in dealing with the issues they’ve outlined, in the context of the organisation’s particular culture (ie, the values and goals it embraces).


THE SYSTEM: Assessing who in the organisation the client needs to approach in order to resolve the problem and, if necessary, coaching senior managers in those structures, together with the client, in order to help all of them achieve smooth, all-round productivity. This includes deconstructing power conflicts, chains of authority, hidden vs stated agendas and channels of communication within the organisation.

The course enables students to help executives become efficient, confident leaders in their organisations and empower those they manage, in turn. Every training session includes practical coaching sessions in which students apply what they’ve learnt while coaching each other. Students also have access to notes, support groups and fellow students after classes with whom they can compare learnings, gain further coaching experience and acquire the hours they need for accreditation. This enables them to practise as qualified Business and Executive Leadership Coaches and create a viable career and source of income.

The courses are run by internationally accredited Master Coaches with extensive expertise, as well
as a wealth of lived experience in the business coaching sector.

Calm Lion is certified as a coaching and training provider by the International Coaches Register (ICR)

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