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Calm Lion offers individual coaching and online support groups for difficult times.  Our weekly group zoom call is a great way to start working with us. 


What is recovery wellness coaching?

Recovery is a lifelong journey of healing and growth. A journey to reclaim our best selves. To recover the infinite potential we are all born with by healing inherited and acquired trauma and emotional wounds.

A Calm Lion coach will help you gain awareness of, and change, repetitive, self-sabotaging behaviours (for example, in relationships, with substances, food or anger). These coping strategies often learnt in childhood and in challenging times cause us suffering and get in the way of achieving our dreams, goals and potential as adults. 

Weekly Recovery Wellness Coaching
Support Calls 
with Buddhi Lokuge and David Collins
Every Tuesday 8pm (Sydney time) online

Join coaches Buddhi Lokuge and David Collins for an online recover wellness coaching workshop followed by weekly integration group calls (for 6 weeks). The workshops start anew every 2 months with a defined group of participants. They are an effective and affordable way to get a taste of the Calm Lion and U-ACT Professional Recovery Wellness Coaching Training. 


The workshop offers an introduction to coaching and recovery tools, and a chance to practice them in a safe learning environment. The weekly integration calls offer a chance to share and be supported on issues, observe and practice coaching. This training is an entry point to Calm Lion's International Coaches Register certification as a Professional Recovery and Wellness coach. These hours (and fees) can be credited towards certified training. Click below for more details.

What is Calm Lion?

Calm Lion is an international network of recovery and wellness coaches founded by Buddhi Lokuge and David Collins.

We are here to guide you on your journey of growth and self discovery. And as you change self-harming behaviour, we offer transformative recovery coaching training and a community of mentors and supervisors to grow your skills and career so you can give back through supporting others. Our coaches are affordable, highly experienced and work with you online, in the privacy of your home, at a time that suits you.  We are committed to high quality service, ethical standards of practice, and reaching all those who are struggling alone.

We are very aware of the impact of COVID19 on our communities and at this time we are extending a limited number of low cost or free sessions to those in need.  Please contact us if you would like to book one of these sessions. 


Founders and Vision

Founded by Dr. Buddhi Lokuge and David Collins, our vision is to provide a global community for recovery of our best selves and growth.

Each Calm Lion coaching and training session contributes to addiction recovery support in the developing world. We donate a matching coaching and training to our sister organisation Ubuntu Academy of Coaching and Training (UACT) based in South Africa, to support recovery wellness in resource poor settings.

Calm Lion is certified by the International Coaches Register (ICR) as a coaching and training provider.


How does coaching support with Calm Lion work?

It is very easy to book a session through our online booking system.  Answer a few questions and we will match you to a coach. Once your session is booked you will be sent a link for a 'zoom' call with your coach, so that you can experience your session live online from the comfort and privacy of your home.  If you are not familiar with the zoom technology please don't worry, it's very easy to use and you will be amazed at how personalised and friendly it feels once you get used to it. 

Calm Lion sessions are based on a  model of recovery coaching developed by David and Buddhi which draws on the best of neuroscience, trauma focused care, developmental psychology, medicine and Eastern modalities for healing and self-discovery. Calm Lion and its sister organisation U-ACT have trained hundreds of coaches and helped people around the world heal destructive behaviours and addictions.

We focus on the false beliefs that leave people stuck in self-sabotaging , self harming cycles. We empower clients and help them find their own solutions  to achieve their goals and develop the relationships they want be it with loved ones, food, substances and their world. We work at your pace and you will never be pushed beyond where you are comfortable to go. We are not psychologists or therapists or "experts", but mentors and coaches who walk with you together, so you are not alone.  

What recovery coaching is not

It is not  a replacement for therapy, mental health care, counselling or substance abuse treatment, but an adjunct service where the coach assists the client in strengthening relationships with other professionals such as therapists, social workers, counsellors, doctors and psychiatrists.  It is an extremely complementary model in many ways to these professions and recovery coaches are encouraged to form alliances and positive professional relationships with others assisting in the field of recovery.

Please note: we are not a crisis, or mental illness support service.

If you or someone you know is in crisis or in danger, please do not use this site but seek help from emergency service providers. Click here for some useful resources.

addiction -

Attachment, craving or grasping not only to a substance, but anything external in the hope of addressing some inner pain or discontent. In this way addiction is universal and part of the human condition. It can be found with substances like alcohol or drugs, but also with food, screens, work, relationships, spirituality, emotions like resentment, or negative self thoughts. Anything that takes us away from being fully present.

Learnt behaviours used to deal with inner discomfort, that ultimately become the problem and the cause of suffering. Recovery is the process of reclaiming peace, stillness, and contentment. Being present without grasping.


Become a Recovery Coach with Calm Lion

Certify as a Professional Wellness and Recovery coach with Calm Lion (in conjunction with UACT). Bring your inner coach and mentor alive. Support clients family, friends, children identify self limiting beliefs that sustain self destructive behaviours and towards becoming the best version of themselves. This transformative in-person or online program helps clients through a model that starts with helping ourselves. It brings out the best in professions working in the wellness and services space. Suited to professionals working in addiction recovery, birthing support (doulas), yoga practitioners, nurses, doctors and other health care professionals.

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